What is a marriage and family therapist?  A marriage and family therapist is someone who is uniquely trained to meet your needs from a holistic perspective. MFTs work with individuals, couples and families, taking into account the impact of the relationships in your life. They are skilled in helping you identify and work toward your goals of gaining peace and rebuilding relationships.

What is faith-based or Christian counseling?  Christian or faith-based counseling can take many forms. At Family Renewal Counseling, our licensed counselor combines professional, therapeutic skills with Biblical truths to provide sound care.

What if I am not a Christian? All faiths are welcome. We understand that not everyone shares our faith and we do not discriminate based on your beliefs. However, please know that our faith shapes how we see the world and impacts how we find solutions to your needs.

Do you see individuals or just couples and families?  We work with all of the above. You are a unique individual with your own hopes, needs and desires and we will honor you as such.

What does a therapy session look like? At your first session, you and your therapist will review your paperwork together and discuss any expectations or questions you have concerning the therapy process. Then you and your therapist will spend a few minutes getting to know each other. After that, you will have the opportunity to explain more fully how she can help you.

What costs are involved?  Costs are dependent on the therapist and the service. Prices range from $100-135 for 50-minute sessions. Please check with the individual therapist when you call.

How often will we meet?   Each person and family is different so this answer varies according to your needs. However, in order to gain momentum and build a foundation for lasting change, we usually meet weekly at first. Once you begin to feel relief from your situation, we may begin to meet every other week. This gives you the opportunity to practice your new skills as well take some pressure off your schedule and budget. Out of session exercises will be offered to help the process move more quickly.

How do I know whether or not you can help me?  Call us at 678.631.RNEW (678.631.7639) for a free 15 minute consultation to discover whether or not our skills meet your needs.

What do I bring to my first appointment? 1) One copy per person of the appropriate client forms, either adult or minor. 2) One copy of the Informed Consent signed by all adults involved. 3) One copy of the Adolescent Consent signed by all teens involved and their parents. 4) One copy of parental authorization signed by both parents/guardians for all minors involved. 5) Payment by preferred method: check, credit card or cash (correct change only). All of above listed forms are available here.

Do you speak to local groups or organizations? Yes, we are able to speak to the public on a wide range of topics.

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