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Are You Wondering How To Help A Troubled Child Or Struggling Family Member?

  • Are the relationships in your family strained?
  • Is your child struggling, acting out, or isolating himself?
  • Are you and a loved one butting heads?
  • Are you worried that your best efforts at parenting are not helping?
  • Is someone in your family suffering from illness – physical or emotional – and you want to know how to help?
  • Are you longing to decrease conflict and become close again?
  • Has your family or have your kids and teens suffered from the stresses of Covid?
  • Does your teen seem to be sinking into depression?

Family is often our very definition of “home”. When troubles exist at home, nothing else seems quite right.s

Home Is Where The Heart Is

The South African cleric, Desmond Tutu, proclaimed, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” We agree. Family is where we learn to love, to give, to forgive and to interact with the world. It is our training ground. It is our safety zone. In families, members are connected in such a way that each person impacts the other. And when one person hurts, everyone else suffers too.

Conflict in families is inevitable. Most of the time, families are able to resolve minor spats as they go. However, there are times when these conflicts escalate. Disagreements become squabbles. Minor squabbles become arguments. Arguments become opportunities to hold grudges. Before you know it, trust has broken down and everyone feels the sting of betrayal. When the ones we love the most let us down, it can be difficult to overcome without help.

Family discord is not the only reason people seek family counseling. Loving concern about member is also a common motivation. Do you have a family member who is depressed or anxious? Is there a loved one with a physical illness and you want to know how to help? Are you seeking a divorce and are worried about your kids? Or is one of your children more withdrawn and you want to know how to talk to him or her? Family counseling bring unity in all of these situations.

As You Consider Family Counseling, You May Be Wondering:

Who in the family needs to attend?

Ideally, every member in the immediate family is consulted initially. Each member holds his or her own perspective on the family’s dynamics which can provide vital information to the problem at large. After an initial meeting your therapist will recommend who should attend and how often.

What if one of us can’t or won’t come?

Even though it is ideal for everyone to attend the first session of family counseling, we understand that situations arise where that is not possible. In those circumstances, your therapist will work with you to determine how to approach the first session. She will also be able to guide you if some members are available on certain occasions but not others.

Will insurance cover family counseling?

That is a tricky question. Most insurance companies do offer the option of family therapy. However, whether or not family counseling is covered depends on the insurance company and the diagnosis. If there is no diagnosed mental illness for one of your family members, companies may not pay for family therapy. But that does not mean you cannot receive counseling. Even if you must pay out of pocket, the investment in your family will impact generations to come. It may mean the difference between health and happiness as opposed to separation and division.

What if family therapy makes the situation worse?

Family counseling may open some painful wound; maybe some that have been there for years or even decades. If you don’t bring these emotional problems out into the open, they are left to fester. Isn’t it time to stop the pain from spreading?

You Can Strengthen Your Relationships

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