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My Background

Well before my training as a marriage and family therapist, my heart and my skills were being shaped by serving for a decade in ministry and missions. This work created a desire to become a therapist who helps people live their healthiest, most fulfilling lives–mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. I believe are all created with the potential to thrive individually and in relationships, but through various circumstances and experiences, we often find ourselves just struggling to survive. As your marriage and family therapist, I am here to help you navigate the stresses, pain, or hardships of life and relationships.

As a Director of Children’s Ministry at a local church, I worked with hundreds of children and families, helping them move towards spiritual and relational health. I spent several years on staff with a missions organization, working with international ministries and missionaries in over 25 countries. As a marriage and family therapist, I have served in both a community-based private practice, as well as a university counseling center. These professional experiences have shown me that one of the things we have in common the world over is our desire to connect with others, ourselves, and God. As your marriage and family therapist, I will draw on my professional skills as well as my ministerial background to help you grow, strengthen, and heal those connections.


My Education and Approach

I earned a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliance Graduate School of Counseling at Nyack College in Nyack, New York. I am a member of both the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the Georgia Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I am a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator and am certified in Level 1 of the Gottman Method for couples. Both certifications allow me to work with couples in a direct way, helping them grow in their relationships with one another. I have also received training in Discernment Counseling, a specific type of counseling for couples who are navigating the painful decision to engage in couples counseling to heal their relationship or seek divorce. As a systemically trained therapist, I approach therapy holistically to help my clients reach their goals individually and relationally.


The Role of Faith in My Practice

My faith in God is integral to who I am and everything I do. It shapes my worldview, and therefore, how I practice as a therapist. I make every effort to rely on God to guide me both personally and professionally. That being said, my faith is just that–mine. I will never impose my personal opinions or beliefs on my clients, and I do not expect my clients to hold the same beliefs that I do. I value the opinions and beliefs of people of other faiths or no faith, those with questions, or those who do not want to include faith at all. My faith journey has been full of ups and downs, doubts and questions, and I am happy to walk that journey with others, wherever that may lead.


Who I Help

I work with individuals and couples who are ready to take the next steps towards emotional or relational health. This includes working with teens, young adults, and adults for things such as anxiety, depression, grief, stress, family relationships, or life transitions. I also work with couples who are looking for help due to marital conflict, communication, trust, or infidelity issues, or premarital counseling. My experience working therapeutically with people from various cultural backgrounds gives a breadth and depth to my work that allows me to understand complex issues from a deeper, more informed perspective. My experience in ministry and missions has also given me a unique ability to come alongside pastors, ministers, missionaries, non-profit workers and their families, helping them navigate issues common amongst serving professionals. I know how demanding ministerial work is and how difficult it can be to find a safe space to work through personal, marital, or family struggles. It is my goal for our time together to be that safe space, no matter who comes through the door. If you are looking for someone who will be supportive, empathetic, and encourage you towards growth, I’m ready to walk with you on your journey towards mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.

If you feel I may be a good fit for you and are ready to take the next step, call me at 678-631-7639.



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