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Are you in need of an anxiety counselor in Woodstock, Georgia?
Does Anxiety Have A Grip On You?
  • Does your mind race constantly with worries and concerns?
  • Are you fatigued from the many burdens you carry and tasks you attempt?
  • Do you lie awake at night instead of resting peacefully?
  • Are you so nervous or on edge that it’s hard to sit still?
  • Do you find yourself irritable or easily agitated?
  • Do you spend too much time trying to make sure something worse won’t happen?
  • Do you have difficulty relaxing or taking time off?
  • Has your anxiety increased since Covid?

Have you tried relaxing or letting things go without success? Are you wondering if anxiety counseling is appropriate?

Everyone Has Anxiety From Time To Time

For example, it’s normal to be uneasy when you have a big project on a tight schedule, or to experience apprehension ahead of a public speaking engagement. And who doesn’t get agitated in Atlanta traffic when they are in a hurry, but the roadways seem like a parking lot?

However, when usual bouts of tension are prolonged or become the default routine for most of your days, you may be experiencing something more than simple nervousness. It may be anxiety.

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, up to 30% of the population will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Sometimes there are biological causes, sometimes medical, and sometimes environmental or situational. Regardless of the reason, anxiety can greatly impact our relationships and our ability to function at work and home.

Anxiety can even affect our health. Anxiety symptoms can include chest pain, nausea, muscle tension, insomnia, and increased blood pressure, just to name a few. Anxiety—and the shame associated with it—can often lead to isolation. This further increases your anxiety, creating a self-perpetuating cycle. Fortunately, anxiety counseling can help.

Anxiety Treatment Can Be Very Effective

Just as there are different types of anxiety—including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and panic disorders—there are also a variety of treatments. Sometimes anxiety can be treated with “talk therapy,” a therapeutic approach focused on open conversations with a therapist. Sometimes medication is in order. Other times, the combination of both will be most effective.

Anxiety can originate in childhood, in adolescence, or any other time during one’s life. Trauma can be a precursor to anxiety, as well. The good news is that anxiety can be addressed at any time. Therapy for anxiety may also include identifying resources  for support you didn’t realize you had, whether in yourself, your spouse, or your community of friends.

Occasionally, medical conditions may underlie anxiety symptoms. Suppose we suspect this may be true for you. In that case, we will offer to refer you to a physician to address this possibility and provide an appropriate medical intervention to supplement your treatment with us.

Occasionally, medical conditions may underlie anxiety symptoms. Suppose we suspect this may be true for you. In that case, we will offer to refer you to a physician to address this possibility and provide an appropriate medical intervention to supplement your treatment with us.

As You Consider Anxiety Counseling, You May Be Wondering:

Does Anxiety Counseling really work?

Treatment for anxiety has a high effectiveness rate. For example, the Department of Psychology Community Clinic at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill notes that according to research, those who participate in CBT show a 60% improvement in symptoms. However, at Family Renewal Counseling, we recognize that not everyone is the same. While CBT might be a perfect treatment choice for one person, it may not suit another. Our therapists are also trained in other modalities, including the highly effective Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) that treats anxiety and any trauma or past experience contributing to the body’s sense of dread, overwhelm, or panic. Often, our brain’s strategy to combat fear is to send alarm signals throughout our body to warn of what it perceives as a threat. The more stress around a situation, or the more familiar the feelings to past crises or traumas, the greater the alarm – even if we don’t consciously recognize the connection. Our brains are wired to protect us, but sometimes they get “stuck.” EFIT is a highly effective method of getting past the stuckness.


Will you prescribe medication or supplementation?

The short answer to that is no. Only your physician or psychiatrist can prescribe medication. However, suppose it becomes clear that medication or supplementation would be a viable option for you. In that case, your therapist will talk to you about that possibility and, if you desire, connect you with a qualified medical provider who can assess and treat you.


If anxiety runs in my family, am I more susceptible?

Many biological predispositions can be inherited. Unhealthy patterns in our relationships and environments can contribute to anxiety as well. You will complete a personal and family history assessment to help narrow down any origins or triggering events (as well as to determine how anxiety is impacting your relationships and daily functioning).


What if my pre-teen or teen has anxiety? Do you treat teens as well?

Before Covid, some studies showed that anxiety was rapidly increasing in the teen population. However, during the pandemic, our teens seemed to suffer the most emotionally, resulting in even higher rates of anxiety. Our therapists are trained to work with families, adults, and teens. If a teen or pre-teen in your family is experiencing anxiety, we can help. All minors must have parental consent for treatment by both parents or guardians and may require attendance by at least one parent for the first session. Children under the age of 13 cannot be left alone in the building by their parents. You can discuss this with your therapist for further clarification.

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