Wondering how to break cabin fever? Walls beginning to close in? Can’t binge-watch one more thing? Here are 15 ideas to help you and your family get moving, get connecting with others, or get something accomplished.

  1. Work in Your Garden – It’s finally getting warm outside here in the South! Grab a pair of outdoor gloves and start digging. For spring plantings, you can order seeds online.
  2. Take a Penny Drive (If Permitted) – You may not be able to intermingle with others but you can enjoy a beautiful drive! If you are with you spouse or kids, have one person flip a penny to determine your next turn. Heads is right, tails is left. See where you end up!
  3. Talk to Your Neighbor – Remember when people used to know their neighbors? Now is the time to get acquainted with yours. You can stand at a distance (at least 6 feet recommended) while learning a little about each other.
  4. Reconnect with a Friend – Use those electronics to reconnect with someone you haven’t heard from in a long time but would love to catch up with.
  5. Tackle a Home Project – If your house is like ours, there is probably a project or two that could use some attention. Touch up some paint, unclog the bathroom drain, or stop that toilet from leaking. Need parts? Order online.
  6. Learn a New Language – Wanting to brush up on your French? Duolingo is free and easy.
  7. Find a New Recipe – Break out of your culinary routine and spice up mealtime with a new dish.
  8. Declutter – Get your Marie Kondo on and clean those closets!
  9. Organize Your Photos – Boxes of photos stuffed in the closet? Thousands of photos hogging space on your phone? Maybe it’s time to organize. To create albums from your digitals, check out Shutterfly, Vistaprint, Nation Photo Lab, or Ritz Pics.
  10. Go on a Scavenger Hunt – In your home or outside where spring is beginning to show her colors, this is always fun. Have one person come up with a list of items to find or have them create clues to take you from one place to another until you find a prize at the end of your search.
  11. Practice Your Photography Skills – Always wanted to take professional quality photos? Check out some online tutorials.
  12. Wash Your Car – Is that yellow pollen blanketing your car? Break out the hose and give your auto a quick bath.
  13. Play Ball in Your Yard – Yep, we know you miss hauling the kids to all those practices! Why not play ball with them in the yard instead? No quarantine on fresh air.
  14. Puzzles and Board Games – Not as flashy as gaming online, but isn’t that the point? Build your relationships while having some strategic fun.
  15. Coloring Books and Paint by Number – Channel the artist inside while relaxing at the same time. No supplies? Amazon delivers.

Another idea is to gather your family together for a family counseling session. While this is certainly a more intimate experience, your family can benefit from counseling in good and bad times. We offer safe virtual counseling for all of our clients. Regardless, we hope these 15 ideas help you maintain intimacy and break the cabin fever.